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REUSE- What is it?

Reuse extends the life of an item, which may eventually be discarded, but in the mean time, is useful and remains in circulation instead of gracing the top of a garbage pile in a landfill. Reusing uses much less labor, natural resources and pollutants that would be required to make a new item or recycle old materials. It also gives the opportunity for someone else that cannot afford a new item. We have a handy list of businesses in La Grande that will find homes for items that no longer meets your needs, but with a little TLC could be a boon for someone else in our community! more more information about Reuse go to



Holiday schedule:

We will NOT be operating on Christmas day. All routes except Mondays will be one day late. For example, Tuesday's will be done on Wednesday and Wednesday's route will be on Thursday. Friday's route will be on Saturday. 


New Year: No change.

Curbside Recycling Update: We need your help in insuring that only recyclable products are being placed in your recycle rollcart. This is a short list of some of the problem items that cannot be placed in your recycling cart. 

  1. NO Plastics other than Plastic Bottles
  2. NO Glass
  3. NO Plastic tubs, bags, trays, wrapping, toys, or any other plastic besides bottles numbered 1-7.
  4. No Styrofoam of any kind.

Start getting your Spring Debris Cleaned Up

It is that time of year again folks.  Spring is Here (on the days that it does not snow)!  Get your yard debris and waste tidied up and delivered to our composting station.  FREE drop-off for service subscribers - minimal fees for others.  Let's put these materials back to work for us! Program starts March 1st.